Serie 2019

The new Roof Cleaning Trolley has been launched

Due to the strong international demand we build our system in series.

Visible German Workmanship made individually for each customer. 

The new Roof Cleaning Trolley has:


  • The possibility to clean the surface even better with 4 high pressure nozzles at different angles.
  • Depending on the degree of contamination, the optimum nozzle combination can be screwed in
  • more Safety through a tear-off Safety Device
  • more Comfort due to integrated carrying opening 

Sea-weather strong aluminium in combination with stainless steel guarantee a long service life and high stability.

The installer on the roof can constantly check the working pressure on the manometer. 


Our brushing system adapts well to the roof and stabilizes the trolley. 

The attached cladding protects sensitive parts. If the Jet Cleaner gets out of control and falls on your back, nothing will be destroyed. 

We deliver the Jet Cleaner in the 350 or 500 bar version. It is capable of 2000 rotations in continuous operation

We are currently in Preparation for the new Aqua Jet Power Unit 2019 

We will switch to Common Rail Diesel for more power on the roof.  It was important for us to win powerful German Engines- and Pump Manufacturers for the Project.