Aqua Jet 22 - built for success

A class of its own - powerful, quick, thorough

We have completely revised our cleaning technology in 2022. The result is Aqua Jet 22. 

Developed in collaboration with experienced technicians, the nozzle technology represents a paradigm shift in this industry, offering users a precision device that goes beyond the limited range of traditional cleaning carts.


The test phase is over. We launch production in the summer

Our champion packs thoroughly. Similar to the lawnmower principle, we get consistent results. Thanks to a special nozzle combination, even the critical bottom edge area will be clean. A milestone in the roof cleaning. 

The continuous working height guarantees a constant cleaning result. Steplessly adjustable brush pressure takes the degree of soiling into account. Effortless handling allows the fitter to concentrate fully on the respective cleaning area.

The new JET CLEANER Video

About us

We are a German Company and have been doing roof cleaning for 30 years.

the idea

The idea was to clean roofs without dirt


Serie 2019

After 15 Years we will revise our System in 2019.


The moss problem is solved in perfection.